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    Special ball valve for water and electricity
    Product introduction

    Item No: QT-QFXXX-WY-XXX

    Product standard: 9576-2000 JB/T

    Nominal diameter: DN400-DN3000

    Nominal pressure: 4.0MPa, 6.3MPa, 10MPa

    Opening time: 30-150s

    Closing time: 30-150s

    Driving mode: Hydraulic

    Main material: Cast Steel

    Use and function: applicable to the medium containing sediment water and hydropower station water pipeline temperature are less than 80 of the opening and closing device; has advantages of small flow resistance, and closing a flexible, safe and reliable operation, convenient etc..

    In case of unit failure, emergency shutdown of water and water to prevent accidents from expanding;

    When the turbine is repaired, the water inflow of the turbine is cut off;

    The long term outage, truncation upstream, reduce erosion of the turbine, to prevent the unit peristalsis.

    Outline and installation dimensions

    Main dimensions, dimensions and dimensions.

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