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    Gas gate valve
    Product introduction

    Product standard: CJ/T3005

    Nominal pressure: PN0.25-1.0MPa

    Nominal diameter: -1400mm DN250

    Applicable medium: gas and other combustible gases

    Suitable temperature: less than or equal to 120 DEG C

    Material: gray cast iron, nodular cast iron

    Sealing material: cast iron body

    Seal leakage: GB/T 13927 a

    Drive mode: manual, electric

    The valve gate opening, a ring-shaped groove is closed, can be injected into the oil, to ensure the sealing nut is arranged on the lower end of the sheath, the thread is not coke, closed the gate automatic scraping tar surface function, valve seal is opened, the brake lever does not rise, is the best choice for urban underground gas pipeline valve.

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