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    Parallel gate valve
    Product introduction

    Product standard: GB12232

    Nominal pressure: PN0.25-1.0MPa

    Nominal diameter: DN200-DN 600mm

    Applicable medium: gas, natural gas, dust containing flue gas

    Suitable temperature: less than or equal to 200 DEG C

    Body material: valve body, valve cover, gray cast iron, nodular cast iron

    Gate, gate - stainless steel

    Sealing material: stainless steel PTFE

    Seal leakage: GB/T 13927 a

    Drive mode: manual, electric

    Transport in the gas gas and natural gas pipeline, underground valve and its substitutes used in the past are not sealing, sealing or driving piece of sticking coke tar or other issues, causing the valve can not be opened or closed lax, over the years, these problems have been plaguing users, the valve manufacturer is also difficult to to solve. In recent years, our company signed by the foreign advanced experience, through repeated trial, to launch a new structure of this series valve, fundamentally overcome the shortcomings to the gate, the gas pipeline has the best valve equipment.

    Main features:

    And the special structure can make the sealing side sealing seat and the valve does not contact with the media, thus effectively avoid coking of the sealing surface and the valve stem thread.

    In the fully open and fully closed, the valve plate, small friction, wear, good sealing performance, long service life.

    Outline and installation dimensions
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